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The MAP flag (nonbinary inclusive)

Minor attraction an attraction of an adult towards a child or a young teenager, or of a child or a teenager towards a much younger child. Typically, in order to be considered a map, the people you find attractive must be below 15 and younger than you by at least 5 years[1].

Maps have been creating flags and symbols to represent themselves for a long time. This page is dedicated to the flag that gained most popularity and recognition.

Basic information

This flag was created by Stenna, a questioning map and a nonbinary person. The flag appeared on Tumblr, June 13, 2018. It was posted on the blog dont-mistake-our-geography. The original text of the post went as follows[2]:

"ANTIS DO NOT INTERACT. The NOMAP community doesn't really have a pride flag, so in honor of pride month I designed a NOMAP pride flag. The top two stripes are blue to represent NOMAPs attracted to young boys. The bottom two stripes are pink to represent NOMAPS attracted to young girls. The inner stripes are yellow to represent childhood and general attraction to minors, regardless of their gender. The middle stripe is white to represent our innocence and unwillingness to offend. Please feel free to use this flag and make icons out of it etc! Hope you enjoy"

History and influence

Within several days after the flag's creation, Stenna was harassed by antis into deactivating their account. Their username was picked up by an anti, which eventually led some sources, such as Snopes[3] to claim that the flag was a hoax.

By now this flag is the most recognizable symbol of mapness. However, it has been downloaded, uploaded, and color-picked from screenshots many times, and some of the most common versions of it you can find online feature darker and duller colors in comparison to the original.

Pappy has created several edits of this flag to emphasize inclusion of nonbinary children in minor attraction:

Here green and different shades of purple represent children who do not fit in either of the two binary genders. Purple is a color that's often used to denote androgyny, meanwhile green represents children whose genders cannot be described in terms of masculine and feminine at all. In addition to that, purple is used in enbylove symbols to denote a nonbinary identity in general.

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