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Welcome to Paraphilia+ Flags Wiki

Here you will be able to find flags, symbols, and mascots of paraphilias and some other closely related identities.

This wiki was made as a continuation of a suspended DreamWidth journal paraphiliaflagsandmore.

Some flags, symbols, and creative events will have their own proper pages. Others can be found in the file list. Consult the categories on each page or file for more information about it.

When searching for any symbology by keywords, remember to switch the search mode to Multimedia or Everything. The default search mode is Content pages, which mostly returns no results, even if the wiki contains many relevant files. File pages are also currently not complete with all the relevant keywords, so the results will heavily depend on phrasing (e.g. spectrophilia, spectrophile, spectrophiles, spectrophiliac, ghosts, phantoms all might be useful queries when looking for spectrophilia symbology, since it might happen that the file page only contains one of the words). Notice that the search only returns results for the exact word used. You may bypass some of the difficulties by replacing the changeable end of the word with an asterisk (e.g. searching "spectr*" will return pages containing words spectro, spectrophilia, spectrophile, etc.)

Notice that the description box in the file list often contains incorrect information. For correct information, click on the file name and view summary and categories on the file's own page.

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More information on transIDs and relevant transID flags.